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Want an artist to draw your family member or pet? Looking for an affordable solution? The SILVER Custom Option is a great solution that will give you a custom drawing as an affordable art print. See below for details on purchasing a custom package.  Click on the package type below for A,B, or C.

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–How Does it Work?
You supply a photo of one person or pet, and the artist, Rachel Fia will hand draw an illustration using colored pencils on paper. The artist will then digitize the drawing and add a graphic designed background and inspirational text. You will request which type of background and text to be included.

–How do I get the photo to you?
Purchase this item and after payment is received, I will email you to ask for the photo and the background style you would like to have.  You can reply and attach a photo or photos to make the drawing.

–Will it look just like the photo?
The artist will use her own style to illustrate the photo and therefore it will have a strong resemblance, but it will not be exact because is not it meant to be.  Illustrations are meant to capture the personality and energy of the subject. Look at some of the examples to get an idea of the artist’s style of drawing and interpretation.

–Can I see it before it’s done?
The artist will supply progress photos for your approval. If you are not satisfied with the progress photos, you may request changes or to cancel your order at any time prior to the final approval. Keep in mind, colored pencil cannot be erased, and changes might require redrawing. Once the final design is approved by you, it will be shipped and the order will be complete and non-refundable.

–What do I receive?
You will receive a hard copy print with a mat board. The print will be made on 8×10 matte archival paper and matted into an 11×14 mat board. You can purchase more items as a package.

–What other options are there?
Package A: Includes the 8×10 print on 11×14 mat board for $95
Package B: Includes the 8×10 print on 11×14 mat board PLUS a glass cabochon Keychain for $110
Package C: Includes the 8×10 print on 11×14 mat board PLUS a glass cabochon Keychain, PLUS a box 4 greeting cards for $120

Note: Additional Persons/Pets are $40 each.  Please request a custom order.

–How Long will it take?
It will take 3-4 weeks to complete before shipping. This includes discussion of design, drawing the image, digitizing the image, layout of text and background, printing and assembling. Please respond quickly so that there’s time for modifications.

–What is the cost of shipping?
Free priority shipping to the USA. $14 shipping charge internationally.

–What happens to the original?
Buyer agrees to terms and conditions below:
1. Buyer is the photographer or has permission from the photographer to use the photos provided for the custom drawing.
2. Artist retains all rights of reproduction. Artist retains original drawing and all copyrights. Artist may reproduce and sell reproductions and/or sell the original.
3. If the Model of drawing is a minor, the Parent/Guardian on behalf of the Model grants the Artist permission to draw from a photograph or photographs, of the Model and furthermore grant permission to use the resulting work (“the Work”) according to the terms stated in this listing.

COLORS: on screen colors may vary slightly from the actual artwork because each computer monitor is calibrated differently. Digital images are slightly different from printed images due to the color printing process.

TAX: Florida shipping addresses will be charged the state rate of 6.0%. The additional county surcharge will be included in the price if applicable.

I know you will enjoy these creative prints from my original artwork. I take time and care to make them in the highest quality with the materials at hand. I stand behind my work, however, once shipped, Custom drawings are non-refundable and non-returnable. I understand that things change and life happens, and I will accept cancellations within 24 hours. Please review descriptions, sizes and images for an accurate order, and ask me any questions you like before ordering.

Thanks for supporting handmade art!
Copyright © All photos and images are Property of Fia’s Designs. Fia’s Designs retains all rights.

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Package A: 8×10 Art Print, Package B: Art Print + Keychain, Package C: Art Print + Keychain +4Cards


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