New Custom Art Print

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New Custom Art Prints are now available for order on my website!

People often ask about having their child, family member, or pet drawn, so now I’m offering a special custom art print. These special art prints are different from a regular drawing because you get to choose a digital background and inspirational text to add to the drawing. I still hand draw the main person with colored pencils–but then I digitize the drawing so that I can edit it on the computer. I work with you to pick a background and then add the text you’d like to have on it, like a name, a quote, or inspirational saying.

The fun part is that once the image is designed, then I can print it as not only the 8×10 matted art print, but also as greeting cards, and a glass pendant necklace or keychain! You can order an entire set with of your custom design to keep or share with others. You could even make it into a holiday theme and use it as your holiday card!

Here are some examples of the process and before and after photos.

Step 1 Graphite SketchStep 2 Face and LimbsStep 3 Details of LimbsStep 4 ClothingStep 5 Clothing and DetailsStep 6 Digital Background

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Behind the Scenes during the illustration process.
Sample Package of Custom Art Print

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